In Bath

Founded nearly two millennia ago, Bath boasts a rich tapestry of history, architecture, culture and cuisine, making it a genuine must-see. A UNESCO World Heritage city, Bath is not only extraordinary but is also surprisingly easy to access by foot.

To help you get the most out of your stay in Bath, we’ve proudly partnered with ‘In & Beyond Bath’, one of the most innovative & exciting tour companies in the world, providing you with everything you need to ensure that your stay in the city & local region is truly magical.

Beguiling Backwaters of Bath 'Tour'

Leave the hustle & bustle of Bath on a gentle walk through Bath's most beautiful, serene locations, away from the crowds. Experience serenity, beauty, beguiling stories & idyllic scenes on an unhurried journey of discovery that shares fascinating history with unique insider insights, leaving you relaxed & with unforgettable memories...

Private Walking Tour of Bath

Uncover the Bath that excites and engages you on a private walking tour led by a knowledgeable, personable & curious local, on an intimate & relaxed walking tour of the city that shares all of the must-sees, but also those hidden gems that speak directly to you.

Connect with authentic, Quintessential England

In & Beyond Bath are reinventing the local touring experience, sharing their love for the local region with curious, discerning travellers seeking to connect with authentic England. Their 'Curated Experience' approach shares the very best & breadth of this part of the country on intimate, relaxed & immersive journeys of discovery that combine your 'must-sees' with magical hidden gems; breath-taking country drives, forgotten stories & incomparable cultural experiences that few outsiders encounter. Jules & his team take care of every little detail including door-to-door service, lunch, refreshments & entrances. Their day tours and dining experiences enable you to relax, enjoy, and focus on an extraordinary experience that is tailored to fit you.

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