Magic Show

Bath’s most exclusive magic show is here! The Abbey Hotel and international magician Sieko are very excited to present “Moments in Time” – a parlor magic show that will leave you with a sense of wonder.

What to expect:

Enjoy a refreshing glass of Prosecco on arrival, accompanied by some wonderful Canapés

The show itself, features some amazing conjuring, skilled sleight of hand and clever psychology. Also featured is Sieko’s astonishing hourglass effect, which will leave you astounded and baffled.

Guests are invited to “The Escape”, a unique private venue. Tickets are limited to 40 people, guaranteeing each guest an intimate view of the entire show.

Discover the real Magic of Bath, hidden underneath its historical streets!

24th May 7pm - 8.30pm

24th May 9pm - 10.30pm

31st May 7pm - 8.30pm

31st May 9pm - 10.30pm