A pet-friendly hotel: where every tail is a happy tale!

At Abbey Hotel Bath, we believe that every member of the family, including the four-legged ones, deserves a comfortable and enjoyable stay. That's why we take pride in being a pet-friendly hotel, dedicated to providing exceptional hospitality not just to our human guests, but to their four-legged companions as well. When you choose to stay with us, you're choosing a home away from home for both you and your pets.

Our Paw-some Amenities:

1. Pet-friendly bedrooms: Our thoughtfully designed pet-friendly rooms offer all the comfort and convenience you and your pet need for a relaxing stay. From cosy beds to spacious areas for play and exploration, where tails can wag freely.

2. Tail-wagging welcome package: Your pet is our VIP (Very Important Pet), and we show it right from the start. Upon arrival, your furry friend will receive a delightful welcome package, complete with dog bed, and food bowl for a paw-sitively delightful stay.

3. Outdoor Retreats: Our pet-friendly hotel extends beyond the four walls of your room. There’s plenty of outdoor spaces on our doorstep where you and your pet can stretch their legs and enjoy a breath of fresh air.

4. Pet Etiquette: To ensure a harmonious atmosphere for all guests, we kindly ask that pets try their best to be well-behaved and are always accompanied by their owners. Pets are welcome to accompany humans in the ArtBar but are not able to dine in Abbey Hotel Kitchen.

Exploring Pet-Friendly Paradise:

Our hotel's location isn't just perfect for humans, it's a pet's paradise too! With nearby pet-friendly parks, trails, and attractions, you and your furry companion can embark on new adventures together. Whether it's a leisurely stroll by the river or an invigorating hike through scenic trails, the possibilities for pet-friendly fun are endless. Speak to our friendly reception team to find out more.

Booking Your Pet-Friendly Getaway:
At Abbey Hotel Bath, we recognise that your pets are family, and we're excited to welcome them as cherished guests. When making your reservation, simply let us know that you'll be bringing your pet along, and we'll ensure that everything is ready for their arrival.
Come experience a stay where tails wag, pets play, and memories are made.

Book your stay today and let the adventures begin!

Dog stays are charged at £35 per dog, per night.


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