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Abbey Hotel Bath - latest art exhibition


An exciting, one-of-a-kind, new art exhibition will be unveiled at Abbey Hotel Bath.

Consisting of artwork by 3 groundbreaking talented local artists.  The exhibition will be displayed in the hotel’s ArtBar and runs until 6th November 2023. All work is for sale - original artwork and prints – ENTRY TO THE EXHIBITION IS FREE.

The hotel will be holding a PRIVATE VIEW event in the ARTBAR on Thursday, 28th September 5-8pm - here you will have the chance to meet and chat to the artists themselves! If you’d like to join us for this special evening, please RSVP to Emma Taylor by email, emmataylorartist@gmail.com.




PETER SNADDEN, Bath based artist and designer who toggles around in the super-flat creative space of arthouse retail and the haute cartoon.  His new collection showcases a more hip than hop wall deco disco mix of affectionate deadpan musings served wry and dry and with lashings of kawaii-cute ready-made to go confrontational pop-eye candy.


Email: petermsnadden@petersnadden.com

Instagram: @peter_snadden


SAMUEL LINDUP, Artist and designer who uses his art to romanticise about foreign worlds far away. How similar or bizarre would they be? Would there be evidence of civilisations familiar to humans, and how would they have impacted on their planets? Whilst many of us have a curiosity to find out our origins on Earth, using telescopes and spaceships to search for answers, others pose the question ‘What is our impact on Earth?’ In this continued series of works, Samuel documents what he imagines of the Universe’s undiscovered planets, studying them and comparing them to planet Earth.


Email: samuellindup@hotmail.co.uk

Instagram: @samuellindip


NICOLA DAVIS is a self-taught artist from Wiltshire who started painting on silk at the age of 18. She was initially drawn to the therapeutic way the paints flow and blend together on the delicate fabric, which abruptly stop when they meet a barrier of Gutta or Resist. Developing her skill over the years, Nicola has sent her paintings to customers in over 30 countries and been hired as the lead artist for ‘Celebration in Silk’, funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund. Her recent body of work envisions living and moving aerial views of air and water, whether on Earth or elsewhere. Drawing inspiration from alien-like landscapes such as Yellowstone National Park and the Greenland Supraglacial Rivers, her abstract paintings show flowing and ever-changing channels of colour.


Email: nicola-davis@live.co.uk

Instagram: @nicoladaviscrafts

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